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Speakers Bureau

The Speakers Bureau is an opportunity for your group to get the very latest information on a variety of subjects presented by local area Gurus.

NO sales pitches are allowed, this is strictly an educational opportunity. 

Currently Featured Presentation

Currently Scheduled  Presentations

The following Presentation Topics list most of the Titles for which we have speakers, available now, who want to offer their expertise to make you a better, more informed consumer. 

You simply tell us the Presentation that you want to host, arrange to have a meeting room and attendees, and we'll do the rest.

Please use the following form to request a Speaker:

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Presentation Topics

Here is a list of the Topics for which we have local experts ready to present at your next meeting:

    - Recognizing the Signs of Aging
    - Aging Dynamically
    - Alcohol & Aging
    - Hearing Loss – Emotional Aspects & Treatment Options 
    - Stereotypes of Aging -The Good, the Bad & the Ugly
    - Male Aging - Sharpening Your Short Sword

    - Long Distance Caregiving
    - How to Select an In-Home Care Provider
    - Caregiver Stress and Ways to Avoid Burnout
    - When to Step Back From Your Caregiving Duties
    - Protecting the Caregiver while Protecting the Senior

    - Communication Issues
    - Sibling Communication: The 50-50 Rule(sm)
    - Writing a Legacy Letter
    - When Memory Loss Gets in the Way: Communication Tips
    - Generational Conversations: Creating a Later Life Plan
    - Active Listening – How to be Fully Present for Others
    - Honoring Different Spiritual Paths Based on the Golden Rule
    - Dealing with Cognitive Issues
    - Compassionate Communications with People with Dementia

    - Understanding the Process of Dying
    - Making Decisions about End-of-Life Care
    - The Difference Between Hospice and Palliative Care
    - Making Decisions about your End-of-Life Investments
    - Guidelines for end-of-life Preparedness - Easing the Path for Those You'll Leave Behind
    - Deciding What Treatments/Procedures You Want and Don’t Want
    - Understanding the Options for Pain Management
    - Techniques for Breaking Down Resistance to Discussing End-of-Life Matters
    - What you Need to Know About Planning a Funeral
    - Healing After Loss
    - Finding the Hope Past Despair
    - Supporting Children in Grief & Loss – Providing a Foundation in Resilience
    - Healthy Coping Techniques for Teens Experiencing Grief & Loss
    - Communicating With Your Loved One: When Every Second Counts
    - Final Gifts – Nearing Death Awareness
    - Senior Suicide
    - Hospice 101: End-of-Life Comfort Care

Presentation Topics (con't)

    -What is a Fiduciary and Why Would I Need One?

    - Legal Issues Faced by Caregivers
    - How to Help Your Parents with Their Finances
    - Arizona Mental Health and Law
    - Planning Ahead With Advance Directives
    - Choosing a Representative (Power of Attorney for Health Care) - Qualifications that Make a Difference
    - ElderLaw: Planning for Incapacity & Long Term Care
    - Legal & Financial Issues of Long Term Care for the Elderly in Arizona
    - Creative Methods for Preserving and Protecting Assets
    - Solving Estate Issues
    - Leaving your Estate to your heirs
    - Wills & Trusts (including Special Needs Trusts) 
    - Guardianship & Conservatorship: Decision-Making for Others in Their Time of Need
    - Financial & Medical Powers of Attorney
    - Elder Fraud & Scams Against Seniors
    Financial Secrecy - The Good & the Bad

    - What is Home Health Care?
    - Cost-Effective Health Care Coverage
    - How to Communicate With Healthcare Providers
    - Arizona Medicaid/Medicare Benefits & Eligibility for the Elderly
    - Long Term Care Insurance – What You Need to Know
    - VA benefits and Long-Term Care
    - Balance, Mobility & Self-Esteem - A presentation for older Adults
    - Building Better Bones
    - Exercise - Your Brain's Best Friend
    - Making the Best Choices for Rehabilitation
    - The Power of Posture
    - Integrative Therapies – alternative, homeopathic, mind-body, herbal, biological, massage, energy-based interventions
    - Dignity in the World of Patient Care
     -Advanced Nutrition: For the More “Mature” Population!
    - Nutrition: Healthy Habits for a Stressful Life
    - Fibromyalgia: A multi-disciplinary approach
    - Arthritis: Motion is Life
    - Stretching – Balance – Core Stabilization: “Stretch & Flex”
     -Health Issues: The Natural Paradigm of HealthCare
     -Diabetes – an overview
    - Weight Loss: The HCG Diet Revolution
    - Headaches: Are they a Pain in the Neck?
    - Foot Pain & Custom Orthotics: Taking Care of Your “Sole”
    - Spinal Decompression Therapy: The Best non-surgical solution to back pain
    - Cold & Flu Prevention and Care: Staying Healthy from the Inside Out
    - Hearing Loss Treatment Options
    - Care of the Cardiac Patient
    - Skin Care & Prevention of Pressure Ulcers

    - Memory Loss and Aging
    - Managing Dementia-related Behaviors
    - Basics of Alzheimer’s
    - Memory Loss - Coping and Caring
    - The Dementia Dilemma – Why Diagnosis is Such a Challenge
    - Medical Conditions Hidden by Dementia

    - How to Provide In-Home Care in a Recession 
    - Aging in Place - Home Access and Safety
    - Downsizing/Decluttering One’s Home 
    - Choosing the Right Facility in Which to Live
    - What is a Senior Move Manager & What Can They Do For Me?
    - Hoarding
    - How Can I Leave My Home of 20, 30, 40 Years?

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